Empower Simcoe

Empower Simcoe (formerly known as Simcoe Community Services) is a charitable, non-profit organization providing supports and services to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities. They suffered from low levels of awareness both within the community and amongst their own employees who weren’t clear on how to tell their brand story. The brand was also being confused as a department of Simcoe County instead of a distinct organization.

Our re-branding process began with an audit of their existing brand, followed by the review and refinement of their brand strategy and STP, before assessing the merits of the name. It was mutually agreed that a new name would strengthen and differentiate the organization’s identity. We worked collaboratively with the marketing team on name generation and logo development, landing on two options that were presented to the board of directors and then voted on. The new name “Empower Simcoe” was determined to communicate the brand story most effectively and the new logo development continued to tell their story visually.

The logo is comprised of four stylized people each unique (representing all ages and abilities) centrally linked together representing partnership, collaboration, and unity. The outstretched arms represent the desire for personal growth and openness to empowerment. The inner circle represents commonality, inclusion and the strength that comes from within when belonging to a supportive, thriving community. The image also creates a geometric flower that signifies bloom, transformation, and growth along one’s journey and new beginnings. The colour palette is bright and cheerful evoking emotions of joy and optimism. The tagline “Be. Belong. Thrive.” resonated with all stakeholders and has truly been embraced across their organization, especially on social media.

In addition, Empower Simcoe CEO Claudine Cousins was nominated for the Barrie Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Awards 2020 in the Visionary category, and won! We are so proud to have been a part of bringing this organization’s vision and brand story to life in such a meaningful and empowering way.


“We are grateful for the creative work done by LWDG and the effect is quite apparent so far. We are embarking on a yearlong implementation and know this is only the beginning, but I am committed and will be putting myself and Empower Simcoe front and centre every opportunity I get to share our purpose and vision.”

– Claudine A. Cousins, CEO