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We are Lesley Warren Design Group, a sophisticated team of creative problem-solvers, passionate about increasing brand value through purposeful strategy and design. We achieve this through deep client and market understanding inspiring and challenging us to curate branded stories that engage, differentiate and inspire.

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Big Agency

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We are a highly-skilled team of industry professionals collaborating to provide full-service, big-agency results, while remaining committed to our intimate and agile boutique experience. By staying true to our word, we manage client expectations with transparency and honesty. As brilliant collaborators, we listen, decode and provide tailored marketing solutions that truly excite our clients.​

Lesley Warren

CEO & Creative Director​

For over 20 years Lesley’s leadership, passion and integrity have made her a respected voice and trusted agency partner. A strategic thinker with a keen eye for detail and commitment to purposeful design, she has helped transform brands both large and small across a range of industries.​

Paul DiPasquale

Art Director

Paul is a master of design; an innovative problem solver with expert creative execution skills. As an industry veteran, he understands the importance of strategic forethought combined with strong visual communication, resulting in award-winning design solutions.​​

Andrea Martin

Director of Marketing

With over 15 years of marketing experience, Andrea is a veteran marketer passionate about helping brands understand why they are in business, what they want to accomplish and how they are going to get there. Driven by her natural curiosity to derive meaning from information, Andrea collaborates with clients to solve business problems with strategic marketing.


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